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marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 15:05:42 UTC 2017


Le 10. 11. 17 à 15:30, Ilya Zverev a écrit :
> After six weeks of discussion and improvements, I am happy to start the voting on my proposal about mapping metro stations and lines:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Metro_Mapping

with so many modifications, it would have been useful in my opinion to 
call for comments a second time before the vote. I even think that a 
15-day vote to make the current mapping of the majority of the big 
stations INVALID is a bit short.

At the same time, on the mailing transport, there is already the case 
that a contributor who "cleanup" sncf station to apply the new scheme 
without any discussion with the local community concerned with app 
problems that do not work anymore . The phrase "More than fifty metro 
networks" has to be read as "no matter what your vote is, we have 
already begun to impose it". it is obviously not very positive.

For my part, I have the same criticism as at the beginning :
- 90% of the proposal is not a proposal. it's a mix of current mapping 
that doesn't change and extra details.
- On the other hand, the section "What This Affects" is incomplete.
-- it lacks the incomprehensible prohibition to map a station a an area.
-- the same for entries (you claim that this affects the routing, this 
is not necessarily true)
-- many other details are incomprehensible as "Platform Layer should be 
at least -3". what should be "mandatory" between layer and -3 ?
-- no explanation why the new shchema is better than the current one.
for ex why a stop_area should be duplicated stop_area containing only 
part + a stop_area_group that groups them. what is the benefit of this 
change ? it is especially that which remains for me understandable : 
change everything without understanding what this added complexity 
brings to the existing situation.

I'll read the 40k discussion page... but the proposal would have a a 
least one argument of "why change"


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