[Tagging] tower types, cooling towers etc.

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 11:02:42 UTC 2017

2017-11-10 3:51 GMT+01:00 Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com>:

> @Martin, I'm not sure of the meaning of your question.
> I am aware of the use of man_made=water_tower for example and think it
> might be better to use the top level tag
> man_made=tower
> followed by:
> tower:type=water_storage (or water_tower)
> But it seems the two methods are already in use, namely, using tower:type
> for some types of towers while others have a dedicated main tag like the
> water_tower example.
> Is that what you're referring to?
sorry for replying late. What I was trying to say: man_made=tower, as it is
currently documented in the wiki (and I do take issue with this), is for
classifying something as tower which is accessible, has platforms etc.
Water towers might be classifiable like this (but probably shouldn't,
because there is the more specific, key-conflicting main tag
man_made=water_tower), but cooling towers DO NOT fall under this kind of
tower class (nor do some other things that have the word "tower" in their
name or might be confused as a tower by some, e.g. power towers, antennas,
chimneys, etc.), so IMHO cooling towers should NOT be tagged with
man_made=tower plus a subtag, but should either get a new main tag, or
simply get the (in-use) tag "man_made=cooling_tower", which is currently
signed as "deprecated" in the wiki (in this case, I do take issue).

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