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access=motorcar is for motorhomes?  That's not the way I interpreted it. I thought a motorcar was the same as an automobile, like a family car. A motorhome is a large vehicle that's suitable to live in. That's from an American English perspective.


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Sorry for asking again, but does anyone know if motorcar=no implies
that there is no access for all multi-track motor vehicles or only for

In case hgv are permitted I’d explicitly tag it with hgv=yes, but according to the wiki, motorcar only implies motorhome:

Yes, unfortunately the european common-in-use traffic sign "VEHICLES PROHIBITED EXCEPT MOTORBIKE/SIDECAR" or "Prohibited for any double-tracked motor vehicles" has no equivalent in the OSM access scheme.
I think it is time for a <access>=double_tracked (motor vehicles)!
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