[Tagging] Road barrier

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Nov 28 11:58:59 UTC 2017

In general the access categories and rules for "traffic at rest" are
different, than for moving traffic.

As to sign C, 3a (Vienna convention), the OSM access wiki page is a bit
unclear in that it doesn't clearly state that when used in a prohibitory
fashion "motorcar" includes all other dual track vehicles (it is clear
that it does not include single track values), and when used as a
permission it doesn't, but it has that in common with traffic rules in


Am 28.11.2017 um 12:03 schrieb Georg Feddern:
> Am 28.11.2017 um 11:54 schrieb Selfish Seahorse:
>> On 28 November 2017 at 11:26, Georg Feddern <osm at bavarianmallet.de>
>> wrote:
>>> Yes, unfortunately the european common-in-use traffic sign "VEHICLES
>>> double-tracked
>>> motor vehicles" has no equivalent in the OSM access scheme.
>>> I think it is time for a <access>=double_tracked (motor vehicles)!
>> Are there places where only motorcars are prohibited, but other
>> double-tracked motor vehicles are allowed?
> I do not know of any, but ...
>>   Otherwise, the
>> description/meaning of motorcar=* could be adjusted.
> -1
> motorcar=* is needed, because there are places, that are allowed for
> them _only_ (see parking).
> But Dave is right - the implication of motorhomes under motorcar is
> 'very unfortunate' too - for the same reasons.
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