[Tagging] part_of:wikidata key

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 12:12:21 UTC 2017


Le 28. 11. 17 à 12:34, Jo a écrit :
> The wikidata key itself should only occur on a single OSM object.
> When trying to add it to linear features, this poses a problem, as it's 
> possible to split such features.

isn't that like having the same problem as the is_in tag ?

Wouldn't it be better to improve river relationships to add banks if you 
find it useful? it would allow you to have the info in a single place 
instead of duplicating it.
Because if it is necessary to create part_of: wikidata, then there will 
also be part_of: wikipedia then part_of: name and then all the tags of 
the parents could be duplicated in part_of:xxx, it is not efficient and 
even less maintainable.

I'm going to go read over the reproaches made to AssociateStreet because 
imho it's a usefull relationship.


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