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Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 23:05:04 UTC 2017

What I take away from the discussion is that wikidata tags are somehow evil
and that who insists on mapping them,  should make sure to encapsulate way
features in relations (associatedStreet, river, site, etc).

I'll refrain from creating proposal pages on the wiki for part_of:wikidata.

To me it seems obvious that the project with the unstable ids points to the
project with the stable ones. Sure there will be maintenance. There will
always be maintenance needed. We can create tools to help us with that.

The idea of using Overpass API to create queries to point from Wikidata to
OSM is of course marvellous. Well, apart for the fact that it's relatively
imprecise and those queries need to be  performed over and over again.

What works great is to add wikidata and *:wikidata tags to OSM objects and
then use Overpass API to fetch all the OSM objects created by the same
artist or art of the same subject, regardless of how their/its name is

I even created a Lua module that creates ad hoc Overpass queries from
Wikipedia pages a few years ago to do exactly that.

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