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marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 13:05:34 UTC 2017

Le 29. 11. 17 à 12:06, Andy Mabbett a écrit :
> On 29 November 2017 at 00:40, marc marc wrote:
>> my query shows you that you can get the same without wikidata.
> Please demonstrate how you would write a query that lists all the
> buildings whose architect is (hypothetically) John Smith.
> That's the architect John Smith born in London in 1853, not the
> architect John Smith born in London in 1867, nor the architect John
> Smith born in Birmingham in 1853.
> Without using Wikidata.

I'm sure that 100% of those buildings are NOT mapped with 
architect:wikidata=thevalue by someone who passes through the street and 
adds wikidata key after reading "architect John Smith born in London in 
1853" on the building.

Therefore, BEFORE you run a query to READ wikidata key in osm, you used 
an EXTERNAL source (for exemple a list of address of those buildings) 
and made a import or mass edition (often undocumented and therefore not 
following the rule) to WRITE wikidata on all buildings.

If you have the tool/extra db to import missing tags into osm, this is 
proof that you can select those osm buildings without wikidata key in 
osm db.

I don't think it is necessary to put wikidata keys to define all the 
possible and imaginable characteristics.
For example finding all stores that sell organic blue sweaters was very 
useful to me, but it is not the role of osm to have this information 
regularly imported. some infos are better outside osm

Coming back to the first subject, the name of the streets, if you still 
believe that it is necessary to have a wikidata key to find a street 
because the name key can have errors, then follow through and also 
suggest replacing addr:street with a wikidata key because this key 
should also have some typos.
And what next ? all keys are likely to have typos or unwanted 
translation. like building=maison (in french) in stead of building=house.


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