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Tue Oct 3 19:06:13 UTC 2017

> The Vietnam War Memorial is the first one in US history, to my knowledge,
to list all of the American casualties.
​Depending on domain of "all" ... it's the only national "all", but not the
first to list all for a smaller demographic unit than nation.

Harvard U's Memorial Hall lists all alumni who fell in the Union army,
sorted by Class year, on interior hall walls.​

Even some small town memorials ​attempted to list sons lost in Civil War,
Spanish American war, or WW1.

Even a larger town like Norwalk CT  lists all its WW1 fallen on 7 panels
below a piece of heavy artillery.

​We don't seem to have that monument on OSM.  If we agree on how to tag
these, I could add it, as i've been there and taken my own pictures and

Amusing, I found a history of how the monument and gun were once together,
then separated, each relocated separately, and finally re-united:
​(They are reunited now, at East & Park, in the Norwalk Green southern
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