[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - Language information - Closed

Lukas Sommer sommerluk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 10:53:57 UTC 2017


The feature proposal for language information did not get enough
support. Voting is over. The proposal is closed as “rejected”.

The reasons for negative vote were various and did not go in only one
direction. I do not know how these different positons can be
reconciled. So I will do no further proposals.

Anyway this remains an issue in OSM: Rendering OSM data currently does
not work correctly for labels that are affected by Han unification
(and, to a minor degree, cyrillic). With much more than 1 billion
people living in the affected region of the world, I think this is a
really big issue. For correct rendering, you need two additional
informations for text labels:

1.) The language
2.) The script (only for Han)

BCP-47 combined both, but there might be other possibilities to
provide this information.

I would appreciate it a lot if someone else proposes a good solution
that could reliably and correctly provide these informations in OSM,
and I would love to see if one day in the future this might be
implemented in OSM…

Lukas Sommer

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