[Tagging] Suggestion for allowing traffic_sign member on restriction relation and specifically documenting possible source values.

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Thu Apr 5 21:50:29 UTC 2018



I would like to suggest that we allow (and document) an additional member
here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:restriction#Members


The role would be "traffic_sign" and it would be a single node that marks
the physical location (so not a node on a highway, but beside it at the
actual location) of the sign (if any exists) that this turn relation


This is different from the "location_hint" member in that it (the
traffic_sign member) specifically says "at this location is a physical
sign", while "location_hint" specifies just where a renderer might put an
icon, which may be different from the physical position of the sign, or
which can exist in cases where there is no actual sign.


I would also suggest that we specifically document the use of the key source
with the values traffic_sign, road_marking, and legislation. ( specifically
allowing ;  separation for e.g. traffic_sign;road_marking)

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