[Tagging] Flower fields as tourism attraction

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Wed Apr 11 09:30:38 UTC 2018

Actual flower Farms are landuse=farmland crop=flowers. Yea, they may have a viewpoint and a gift shop. But those large commercial farms are not what I'm talking about. 

These are about tagging the actual beds of decorative flowers with landuse=flowerbed (which I think is totally a landuse - it is land dedicated to flowers for display or decoration), and tagging gardens that are "flower spectacles" - places that grow flowers primarily as a spectacle (and often charge admission) using a garden:type=foobar is the two tags I am asking for feedback on. Landuse=grass is crappy - is it for sports? picnicing? Roadside shoulder? Landscaping? 

Luckily flowers in a non-farm sense serve a single purpose - to be looked at. They are colorful decorations. You don't sleep on them. You don't play sports on them. People grow flowers in dedicated land merely to be enjoyed. 


Several places around the world grow tulips and build a Dutch windmill to emulate a working landuse=farmland - but just as Space Mountain is neither a spaceship nor an actual mountain, these are tourist attractions made to emulate the look of a farm for people looking to take pictures. These fall into the category of "flower attractions" and I want to tag these as such. 

When I lived in San diego, the only thing I had ever seen like this is the Carlsbad flower fields. There are formal botanical gardens and rose gardens - but a town or large commercial park just doesn't purposefully grow very large fields of flowers in a large field and put out a viewing platform like they do in Japan *and* get hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people a week that come to just merely view the spectacle  that they purposefully made, year after year in the same spot and static configuration. 

Maybe it is common in the rest of the world, but these flower spectacles (and their dedicated area just for flowers) seems something that needs precise tagging. 


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