[Tagging] Identifying language regions

Erkin Alp Güney erkinalp9035 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 20:57:55 UTC 2018

Majority language boundaries would be enough for most use cases. Sample


18-04-2018 22:49 tarihinde Vao Matua yazdı:
> I would suggest that OSM is probably not the best place for this. 
> There are many countries that have many or even hundreds of
> languages.  The lines between the places where languages are commonly
> spoken can be quite fuzzy and often do not follow any other features.
> A year ago I was living in a place where people living there spoke 3
> different languages in addition to the "official" language.
> On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 12:41 PM, Yuri Astrakhan
> <yuriastrakhan at gmail.com <mailto:yuriastrakhan at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     What would be the best tags to use for mapping language regions? 
>     I would like to create a map of primary languages spoken in an
>     area. This will greatly help with multilingual maps, allowing data
>     consumers to calculate which language name tags to use for which
>     locale. This will also give OSM community a much greater control
>     over such maps.
>     Proposal (relations only, must have closed polygons):
>     type=language
>     primary=xx   (required)
>     secondary=yy;zz;...  (optional)
>     A relation may span multiple countries (e.g. US and most of Canada
>     for English), or split countries (e.g. EN and FR regions in
>     Canada). In some cases, the relation will reuse country border ways.
>     What do you think?
Yours, faithfully
Erkin Alp

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