[Tagging] tagging cycleable city-models focused on simulating road network

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Sun Apr 22 12:11:44 UTC 2018

On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 12:29 PM, Andrew Davidson <theswavu at gmail.com>

> Here they are called learn to ride centres and look like this:

I'd say that term applies to not just the marked cycle paths but also
administrative buildings,
toilets or whatever.  Also "learn to ride" is a specialized usage of a
general term which
could equally apply to motorcycling or horse riding.  If you weren't
already familiar with
the specialized usage in the UK (I wasn't) then it would be confusing.

I can't think of any appropriate term for the marked, paved area itself,
and google didn't
give me any ideas.

The best I can come up with as an English description is bicycle training
track or bicycle
training circuit.

> https://www.weekendnotes.com/learn-to-ride-centre-tuggeranong/
> I haven't mapped any but others have just used highway=cycleway.

There was a proposal at
(abandoned) for amenity=training with a new training tag and several
proposed values
such as training=driving.  Many of the proposed values for training seem
better served
by some sort of educational tagging (you're taught art rather than trained
in it), but
maybe amenity=training deserves to be resurrected along with
training=cycling.  Apply
it to the area enclosing the track and add highways within it if aerial
tracing gives you that level of detail.

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