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The musical_instrument *key* is generally used to name the specific type of musical instrument: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/musical_instrument

You are correct that it's mostly used in combination with shop=musical_instrument (a place selling them) or craft=musical_instrument (a place making them).

But there are also a (very) few cases tagged as amenity=musical_instrument (a place where a musical instrument is available for use) and playground=musical_instrument (similar, but generally a more robust "toy" instrument aimed at a younger audience). Neither one of which is currently specifically documented on the wiki, but that shouldn't stop you from using them.

So a piano in a bar that is available for people to play on should probably be tagged:

access=permissive (or access=customer in some cases)

Either way, the piano is privately owned and the owner is currently making it available to other people, but may revoke that permission at will in the future.


P.S. is there a preference on this mailing list for top or bottom posting?

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> musical instruments
> Hi,
> (first post, plz be gentle!)
> i'd love to see if there can be consensus on the use of the
> 'musical_instrument' tag for publicly available musical instruments.
> a growing number of bars, train stations and or other public places
> have musical instruments around where i live (Amsterdam area), and
> i've started noticing and collecting these places, and would love
> to tag them in openstreetmap.
> use case: as a musician that travels around a bit, i'd love to know
> where i can find a piano or guitar to play on.
> i see the musical_instrument tag is mostly (only?) used for place
> that create and/or sell musical instruments, but i'm wondering what
> the appropriate form of tag would be for a publicly available
> musical instrument.
> (if this has been discussed before, plz point me at it, i coudln't
> find it)
> best regards,
> emile
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