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> A “one person bench” doesn’t seem as rare as people seem to think…
> https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/wildon-home-
> elmore-one-seat-bench-ut2860.html
> https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/17-stories-madhav-one-seat-bench-
> stss5585.html
> https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/andover-mills-delano-one-seat-bench-
> andv3138.html
> https://www.wayfair.com/commercial/pdp/sunpan-modern-
> ikon-darby-one-seat-bench-snpn4130.html
> ….

by their name (one seat bench), those aren't benches according to the OSM
definition, but looking their actual dimensions (slightly more than 1m
wide)  I would say you could seat 2 europeans on these benches ;-)

Please also note that we are discussing amenity=bench, i.e. a public piece
of furniture, not things someone could set up in her private space. In the
public space, one seat benches are not common at all, there are either
chairs or multiperson benches.

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