[Tagging] place nodes for continents?

Javier Sánchez Portero javiersanp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 09:43:49 UTC 2018

Maybe I'm extending the fork, but only a mention to consider. While there
are only 8 uses of place=continent, there are 179996 (whow!) uses of
is_in:continent=* that will be orphaned in that case.


El mar., 7 ago. 2018 a las 10:15, Eugene Alvin Villar (<seav80 at gmail.com>)

> On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, Javier Sánchez Portero <javiersanp at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > The same applies to other place nodes like oceans, seas, natural bays,
> straits, etc.
> At the risk of forking this discussion to another topic, I'd like to point
> out that at least for oceans and major seas, bays, and straits, the
> International Hydrographic Organization has defined them as specific
> delimited areas.
> For continents, nobody could even agree whether to treat North and South
> America as separate continents or as just one continent named the Americas.
> Not to mention whether to call the smallest continent as Australia,
> Australasia, or Oceania. (And let's not forget the geological debate about
> Zealandia.) On a more general note, are we talking about continent as a
> geopolitical entity (Europe vs. Asia), or as a geological entity (Eurasia)?
> I am in favor of removing these continent nodes. They are "simple" and few
> enough that people who make maps and apps can decide how to treat them
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