[Tagging] undersea tourist route

Johan Jönsson johan_jonsson at yahoo.com
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Hi!I would use the scheme for scuba_diving:https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:sport=scuba_diving

scuba_diving:type:intro=yes(or make up a new :type:path=yes)
But maybe the scuba_divers doesn't approve of this snorkeling_path, who knows.
Anyway, we got some in Sweden too (called snorklingsled or trail for snorkeling)

/Johan Jönsson
It's been a while since I posted, I hope this comes out right.


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Subject: [Tagging] undersea tourist route
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Here is one for puzzling over.

A scuba or snorkel route - some concrete drums with a chain between then 
and signs for people to follow. Like an under sea path.


How would you tag such a thing?

Way: Gordons Bay Underwater Trip (614747238)
     "phone"="+61 2 9583 9662"
     "name"="Gordons Bay Underwater Trip"
     "note"="chain along seafloor as route to follow"
     "email"="dive at abyss.com.au"

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