[Tagging] Part/whole confusion with Wikidata tag, and the need for enveloping parts into a whole

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Wed Aug 8 08:33:34 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 08 August 2018, peterkrauss wrote:
> > has been an important point of
> > critique of the whole 'adding wikidata IDs to OSM' movement.  You
> > can read this up in the previous discussion here and in talk.
> Can you send the main links?

No, i can't.

There is a large number of discussions on the topic of adding Wikidata 
IDs in OSM (which is significantly less invasive than this attempt to 
shape OSMs data model to the needs of Wikidata) in several channels and 
i did not keep track of all of them.  You can find quite a bit of 
discussion by searching for subjects containing 'wikidata' in talk in 
the second half of 2017.  Most of this was ultimately non-productive 
because the Wikidata supporters in the discussion did not make any 
serious attemts to actually take into account the fundamental critique 
of their intentions.

In most cases the discussion progressed in a similar way as here with 
Wikidata proponents being firmly set in their world view and having no 
perception of the fundamental differences between that and the way OSM 
handles things and as a result attempting to bulldoze over OSM with 
euphemisms like "pragmatical view".

If any Wikidata fan really wants to engage in a productive and balanced 
discussion on the interrelationship between the projects you would need 
to approach this on a very basic level and accept that none of the 
fundamental assumptions Wikidata is founded on is necessarily shared by 

And as Martin Koppenhoefer said - if you ignore these things you only 
have two options:  Trying to forcefully change OSM to adjust to the 
Wikidata world view or adjusting Wikidata to adopt OSMs views.  Even if 
one of those options seems feasible (which i would not necessarily 
disagree with) it would be an act of imperialism with all the 
consequences this usually brings with it.

> PS: ideal is to summarize a list of topics and its "agreement vs
> under-discussion" status...
> something like
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wikidata/Critical_topics

I would strongly suggest you do not try to imply that what you state 
there represents an agreement of any kind.  What you have written there 
seems to indicate a lack of understanding of how OSM works and 
therefore seems to form an attempt to impose working principles you 
find desirable onto OSM.  Don't do that.

If you want to create such a wiki page to describe your subjective 
perception of the situation that is fine - but you should indicate it 
as such.

Christoph Hormann

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