[Tagging] healthcare : nurse <> nursing_home <> nursing

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 00:52:15 UTC 2018

Le 13. 08. 18 à 15:23, Dave F a écrit :
 > Nurses work in many types social facilities.
 > Especially 'nursing homes'.
 > I think you're being to blinkered to limit your search to places
 > which explicitly mention 'nurses'.

or maybe you miss that I want to tag a poi that isn't a 'nursing homes' 
nor a hopital nor a doctor nor social facility nor... nor...
only a nurse without any other stuff.
maybe I fail to find witch word get the same meaning (I am not
a english native, it's why I ask it here for the exact meaning :p)
or the previous url I posted is currently the only documented one.

Le 13. 08. 18 à 19:40, Jmapb a écrit :
> If this is something akin to a doctor's office, but staffed by a nurse 
> instead of a doctor, I'd suggest healthcare=nurse. It's a parallel 
> structure to healthcare=doctor, healthcare=dentist, healthcare=midwife, 
> etc. It's not in the wiki, but it is the most popular tag and IMO 
> self-explanatory.

thanks, it's what I have used.

> healthcare=office implies that it's an  administrative office 
> not a location where patients are treated.

that's consistent reasoning.

I'll add the info on the wiki in a few days
if no one has any further opinion or advice.


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