[Tagging] use of points even when it clearly defines a building?

seirra general at sarifria.x10.bz
Thu Aug 16 22:39:22 UTC 2018

oh! before i go to bed just one last one, when correcting some typos or 
wrong use of tagging i've noticed a few locations that used points 
rather than directly applying the feature to the building (as in no 
buildings having features at all as if it was an agreed style)... most 

italy north plars
crescent street montreal
Czech Technology Park
Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

where a point clearly defines a building in these areas should it be 
corrected? also if a floor of a building is for example: a store at the 
bottom of the building, and the rest is apartments... shouldn't it then 
be a building labelled as a chemist, with the tag level=0 and at the 
same point on the map, a building labelled as apartments with the tag 
level=1? or should we wait until we (hopefully) have the ability to more 
easily switch between layers and then sort it out once that lands? (to 
avoid difficulties on the ID editor)

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