[Tagging] use of points even when it clearly defines a building?

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Fri Aug 17 15:17:48 UTC 2018

On 8/16/2018 6:39 PM, seirra wrote:

>  if a floor of a building is for example: a store at the bottom of the 
> building, and the rest is apartments... shouldn't it then be a 
> building labelled as a chemist, with the tag level=0 and at the same 
> point on the map, a building labelled as apartments with the tag level=1?
Usually this would be mapped as a node (point) for the shop, set inside 
the perimeter of the building. The node gets tagged with all the 
information specific for the shop (name, phone, opening_hours, etc.) The 
building area gets tagged with all of the physical attributes of the 
building (height, building style, sometimes the building has its own 
name that it keeps regardless of what shop is occupying the ground 
floor.) The address tags would also generally go on the building itself 
-- unless the building has multiple addresses.

We definitely don't want two buildings at the same location to indicate 
the two different uses of a single building. It is possible to draw an 
area for the bottom floor shop instead of a node -- just tag the area as 
a shop, not as a building. And add the level=0 tag, as you mentioned. 
(And it probably wouldn't be the *entire* bottom floor of course; you'd 
want to leave room for the stairs for instance.)

The general rule is *not* to map any specifics of private areas of 
buildings -- the apartments on the upper floors, for instance. You can 
use the building:units= tag to indicate the number of apartments, and 
addr:flats= tag to list the apartment numbers, but that's generally as 
far as we go.


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