[Tagging] consensus needed: officially a town but visibly distinct settlements?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 07:34:23 UTC 2018

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> On 18. Aug 2018, at 15:08, Michael Tsang <miklcct at gmail.com> wrote:
> "Whole Curonian Spit is officialy one town. Therefore no hamlets inside."

I agree it is sometimes not entirely clear whether a human settlement should be considered part of another settlement or a settlement of its own, particularly if it started as independent settlement and later got integrated (politically/socially). 

I would probably decide according to identity. How do the people living there feel themselves. This can also change with the time.

Looking at the legal administrative situation could also be a solution, but does not seem to be a sensible choice, because the administrative situation is already recorded with the boundary and admin level tags, i.e. place tagging would be reduced to merely echo the same information another time.


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