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yeah, if it did get mapped it should probably at least be something specific otherwise the user has no idea what to watch out for, and it may unreasonably deter people from the area, i think it might be the same reason reviews aren't recorded?outside of that i don't think osm performs live actions or even can, does it? (would probably have some cool use cases though) whereas (as an example! there's probably a better neutral tag name to use) something like activity=graffiti would tell the user it's there, but also gives them enough information to make an unbiased decision (whilst some may think of it as a sign of danger, probably an equal number of people aren't even affected by its existence in an area) for example near lincoln, new mexico there's a rock that is a popular graffiti spot (before anyone looks for it to at least map as art, that was years ago that i was there, it might not still exist)
On Aug 20 2018, at 8:45 am, Mateusz Konieczny <matkoniecz at tutanota.com> wrote:
> 18. SierpieĊ„ 2018 20:44 od djakk.djakk at gmail.com (https://link.getmailspring.com/link/1534751304.local-117f7c54-95d6-v1.4.2-f587b7b7@getmailspring.com/0?redirect=mailto%3Adjakk.djakk%40gmail.com&recipient=dGFnZ2luZ0BvcGVuc3RyZWV0bWFwLm9yZw%3D%3D):
> > For such a subjective thing, it should be mapped by each openstreetmap member : djakk maps this area as dangerous, baloo as not dangerous, etc and the renderer makes an average.
> This is a horrible idea and it should not be used. OSM is not a place
> for such inherently subjective opinions.
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