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Thu Aug 23 06:59:24 UTC 2018

Lorenzo, I think you're doing it wrong: if you have knowledge about motor sport and feel the need to document a tag for those, good.
Now there is a lot of sports where people 'race' in a wide range of facilities. Trying to get a one size fit all tag for everyone of them, including those you have no clue about is deemed to fail: either it will be inappropriate for corner cases or so general it won't be useful at all.

Now for motor sports, what is the added value for racing=motor_sport when there is sport=karting ? I'd let this to data consumer.
See what happened with the 'piste map' page. Initially this was a documentation for the piste:* tags and skiing. Then it was naturally extented to other winter sports.
But it doesn't summarize all winter sports, some being constantly added in OSM as a new sport=* value on a variety of features without the need for a new tag categorizing them within a 'winter_sport' set.

Le 23 août 2018 02:02:03 GMT+02:00, Lorenzo Mastrogiacomi <lomastrolo at gmail.com> a écrit :
>I'm  trying to imagine a tag with a wider meaning, so I created a table
>in which I put the different sports more or less competitive, grouping
>them in some way.
>For every sport for which there are typical facilities I put the common
>names with which these are called.
>I think I will go ahead with the proposal for motor sports and I could
>easily include those of animals but maybe with different tagging.
>Trying to consider also other sports seems very hard:
>I think bobsleigh centres deserve an appropriate tagging but I do not
>see many similarities with other sports. Maybe it's covered by piste:
>type but it does not seem well defined.
>There are some facilities such as velodromes that are clearly for
>racing but often resemble stadiums, as well as speed skating, which
>often also includes a field for other non-racing sports.
>Some cycling disciplines have a tracks similar to that for motocross,
>others are more free ride but still have a track. I also put skateboard
>that is not a competitive sport but you can practice on tracks.
>I hope all this helps.
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