[Tagging] ATMs and cashback

seirra general at sarifria.x10.bz
Fri Aug 24 10:35:33 UTC 2018

Is there a way to put what currency denomination they output? for 
example: whilst every cash machine here should theoretically output 
£20/£10 notes, there are a growing number that output £5 notes 
(obviously allowing the user to withdraw multiples of 5 rather than just 
multiples of 10). I imagine that's useful data to include, but is there 
a consensus on how that should be tagged? there didn't seem to be 
anything on the ATM page. also some stores offer a service called 
'cashback' (misleadingly named, but essentially with your purchase you 
can withdraw money from your card, it's a similar experience to using an 
ATM except you do it at a shop checkout and it isn't done by a machine 
(excluding self checkouts)) how would that be tagged?

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