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> mounting_steps
> I think I prefer steps.

A quick google on "horse mounting steps" shows that block is more common
than steps.  And that was
with searching for "steps," not "block."  So block appears to be the
preferred term amongst those who use
them.  And those who use them are probably more likely to be the ones who
map them.

My vote would be for amenity rather than man_made.  Amenities are something
people (whether general
public, or customers, or members) use.  Man_made is usually for objects
that are used mainly by employees.
 A car park is an amenity.  A street cabinet (for telecoms, or water
pumping, or whatever) is man_made and
used only by the company employees who service them.  In my town there is a
public area with seats and
sculptures that qualifies as an amenity but in the middle is a very large
street cabinet that is a sewage
pumping station which is man_made and definitely not an amenity.  I see
these blocks as an amenity.

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