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Wed Aug 29 11:24:08 UTC 2018

Here in Spain we have some doubts about mapping traffic islands.
As you can read in the wiki a traffic island is "A structure separating at
least two lanes of a highway from each other for a short distance. The
width of the calming island is usually under a few meters and should be
less than 5m."
But in the abstract you can read: "An island is a small area that
temporarily separates two different directions of traffic. " .
Here it is the doubt.
Can I map a traffic island if there is only painted on the road? Spanish
traffic regulations are clear: you cannot stop, park or drive in (the
regulation assumes it doesn't matter if it is only painted or with bollards
or with kerb ).
But some Spanish mappers considers as the wiki says in one sentence the
word STRUCTURE a only-painted-on-the-road is not a traffic island and
should not be mapped.

What do you think? If all are traffic islands instead with structure or not
and should be mapped, Can anyone modify0 from the wiki the word "structure"
or specify "only painted also" ?

Salut i illetes de trĂ nsit

Osm wiki: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:traffic_calming%3Disland
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