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Your bodies reaction depends on what it is acclimatised to.
> If you live in a hot climate, such as Darwin Australia, you put a jumper
> on at 25 C because it is cold.
> If you live in a colder climate, such as Hobart Australia, you go swimming
> at 25 Cbecause it is warm/hot.
> Both peoples are fit and healthy yet they perceive the same temperature as
> different things.

Indeed.  But that is air temperature, not water temperature.  It would be a
bit perverse to map air temperatures.

Water temperature is another matter.  Water has a high heat capacity and
better heat transfer than still air.  It's
mid-afternoon.  Outside is a bucket of water that's been there for several
days.  It should be around air temperature
here, but while it feels warm outside the water feels cold.

[resurrecting the proposal]

Go for it.

I was hoping you might do that. :)

It will probably pass without the subjective temperatures.

I think referencing to body temp would help, since you'd no longer have
quibbles about it depending what the
ambient temperature is.   Making the degree symbol optional would help.

Subversive mappers can then place subjective values in there ... and those
> values will probably be interpreted differently by different people. Such
> is the world.

I'd leave the subjective stuff in.  It's better to have a documented way of
doing things some mappers think should
not be done than not document it at all because it WILL end up being done
either way.  I'd leave it there until and
unless the talk page indicates there's too much opposition.

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