[Tagging] non-physical / why do we discourage leisure=skatepark/skate_park?

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Fri Aug 31 22:58:42 UTC 2018

On 01/09/18 00:55, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2018-08-31 15:36 GMT+02:00 Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org 
> <mailto:t.pfeifer at computer.org>>:
>     While I agree with that, I do not see a need that sport=* is
>     always attached to a physical object.
>     In particular sports that are performed in a natural environment
>     often have no sharp geographical limitations.
>     Examples are areas in a lake for sport=swimming, or areas with
>     rocks where you can sport=climbing.
> but we do not map all places with all sports you could possibly do 
> there, only those which provide infrastructure for them or are 
> signposted (or maybe also just intensively used). While you could swim 
> in most lakes, we only tag specific swimming places.
> If there are no clear limits, we often use as node.

Hummm .. while 'swimming' can be done .. is there a competitive side to 
the swimming done there?
A sport usually has some competitive side to it ... where as a 
recreation may not have that competitive side.

For example .. when I tag a swimming pool .. I only add the 
sport=swimming if I see marked lanes or some other indication of a 
competitive nature, other wise I do not include a sport tag.
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