[Tagging] Tourism=attraction: feature or secondary tag?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 06:29:07 UTC 2018

The current wiki page for tourism=attraction states:

"A general tourist attraction. This tag may be added to object to
indicate that the place is interesting for tourists. Note that tagging
just tourism = attraction is not enough - this tag should be used only
as addition to main tag describing the feature."

This is reasonable; many features can be of interest to tourists, and
tourism=attraction doesn't provide much information. Is it an area of
shops? A beach? A theme park? A historic monument?

However, there is a preset in the JOSM editor that allows
tourism=attraction to be used as the top-level tag.

Is it necessary to use tourism=attraction as the only tag for certain features?

(Currently, tourism=attraction alone is rendered only as a name label
on the Openstreetmap-carto style, without an border, area colour or
icon. Either we need to add an icon or outline, or we can remove this
from the list of rendered features. If the wiki is correct then it can
be removed, because properly-tagged features should have another, more
specific tag that can be rendered)


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