[Tagging] Can OSM become a geospacial database?

Sergio Manzi smz at smz.it
Wed Dec 5 21:23:39 UTC 2018

There is no way I can think of: for lack of better tagging some very different shop categories (/very different in our culture..//./), like the aforementioned "salumeria", "rosticeria", "polleria", the generic "alimentari", and many others, have all been tagged as "shop=deli", so we have "/lost part of our traditions/" for the sake of simplification and the urge of a methodical tagging schema which is rooted in a different culture.

It is sad, I guess..

On 2018-12-05 22:10, Eugene Podshivalov wrote:
> What is your solution for denoting "salumeria" shop so that it was possible to grab all shops of that kind from the database?
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