[Tagging] Tourism=attraction: feature or secondary tag?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 01:13:04 UTC 2018

>>> How would you tag the following:
>>> * Boiling River and Firehole Swimming Area, naturally-heated
>>> stretches of river that are popular for swimming.
>> natural=water + leisure=swimming_area ? natural=water +
>> sport=swimming ?

You should also add natural=hot_spring to the node where hot water
enters the river, if possible:

>> > * Petrified Tree, a large, petrified section of tree trunk.
>> natural=tree? natural=petrified_tree ?
> "Tree" is misleading.  "natural=petrified_tree" would be good, except
> it gets zero hits in TagInfo.

natural=rock and rock=petrified_wood could also work well. I wonder if
there is already a way to classify types of rock formations, eg
limestone, granite, basalt?

>> > * Norris Geyser Basin, Upper Geyser Basin, Artist Paint Pots,
>> > Fountain Paint Pots, and other named groups of thermal features.
>> natural=geyser ?
> "natural=geyser" is already in use for geysers.  Applying it to entire
> geyser basins would be like using the same tag for both single trees
> and forests.  (It would also be inaccurate, since these basins usually
> contain a mix of geysers, fumaroles, hot springs, and occasionally mud
> pots.)

This is a general "problem" in OSM; there are not many tags for whole
regions or areas. But it would be good to develop a proposal for
geothermal and volcanic features.
Someone started a proposal for volcanic features. Currently we can tag
hot springs, geysers, volcanic vents, and the results (peaks, areas of
basalt from lava flows, etc) but it would be good to have more tags:

>> > * Roaring Mountain, a hillside that contains a large number of steam
>> >    vents.
>> place=locality ? natural=peak ? natural=hill ?
> "locality" might work, but it's even more generic than "tourist
> attraction".  "Peak" or "hill" don't work -- the summit is almost a mile
> to the southwest of the actual point of interest.

geological=volcanic_fumarole could be used for the individual steam
vents, perhaps?
natural=ridge is the correct way to tag a named ridge; drawn way along
the ridge top.


[PS: Some of these tags don't currently have a rendering in the
standard style, but that will change if more people use the tags, and
if I have enough time to make a few new PRs. Natural=ridge,
natural=hot_spring and natural=geyser are already on my To-Do list,
and we are working on natural=rock right now]

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