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On 10/12/18 07:46, Javier Sánchez Portero wrote:
> I answer inline to Paul and Markus
> El dom., 9 dic. 2018 a las 15:12, Paul Allen (<pla16021 at gmail.com 
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>     On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 3:06 PM dktue <email at daniel-korn.de
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>         I would like to propose a tag for emergency control centers
>         (the place
>         you reach when you call 112 in Europe).
>     Why?
>     As far as I know, these are places one contacts via telephone. 
>     They may be located far from
>     the locality they serve, even though calls from that locality may
>     be routed to one particular
>     control centre.  Are the ones you are familiar with of a kind
>     where one must walk in to report
>     an emergency?  Unless they are, it serves no purpose to mark them
>     on a map.  Unless, perhaps,
>     one is a terrorist intent upon damaging infrastructure.
> I kindly disagree with you. I think this information is important in 
> the map as is everything related to emergencies. We can distinguish 
> the calling centre and the centre for coordination for emergency 
> forces and resources. Usually they are located in the same place.
Well .. that is not the case here.
First the call centre takes calls for the 3 services - ambulance, fire 
(and rescue) and police. The calls are then past to relevant section as 
they are trained in the relevant specialities and have the correct 
> Of course a ordinary person don't need to know where they are, but for 
> a emergency planner these are strategic places into the emergencies 
> services that need to be preserved and defended. Of course the 
> emergency services should have their own maps and data bases, but I 
> think that is our goal to offer the best possible geographic 
> information data base for all kind of user and to serve as a valid 
> alternative to any government user which want to use it. In addition 
> the terrorist, many other people could need to know the location of 
> such a place, for example mail and delivery services, taxis, and any 
> one who is interested in work in such a place or know how the work 
> (school visits). At least in my country these location are publicly 
> know through the contact section of their web site. They are also 
> verifiable on the on the ground features and as such they have place 
> in our database.
Anyone wanting the information can find it and use it  .. even if it is 
under the office key.

Going to a fire or ambo station for assistance is fine. There you find 
people trained in various aspects of emergency assistance and the 
equipment to provide that assistance. It may be quicker to go there than 
call and wait for them to arrive.
Going to a call centre is not so good .. they probably don't have the 
equipment even if they have the training and experience. So I would not 
put them under the key emergency.

Dedicated buildings for ambulances do exist, just as they do for fire 
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