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Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 03:06:25 UTC 2018

> Hi, I've found a playground equipment that is made to hang hammocks.
> It's a kind of industrialized urban furniture specially made for it.
> This one consists of a central fixed pole and hook that can hang a limited
> number of hammocks in a radial disposition, each one with its other pole
> and hook (but it might exist other dispositions)
> We have no tag for "places for hammocks" until now.
> I was thinking if it could be tagged as:
> leisure=hammock_hook
> since what effectively assures its proper function is that it has hooks to
> hang hammocks.
> What do you think? Thank you in advance.

At least in the USA, the term "hammock hangout" (lowercase) appears in the
Hammockish sub-culture vernacular to be a place or event where single, but
far more prevalent, multiple hammocks can be installed on an ad hoc or
permanent basis.

The suspension technique isn't limited to just hooks, there are loops,
eyes, etc. - and the vertical supports are anything from natural trees to
building walls. The park equipment manufacturers use the rather bland
'stand' and the less common 'station'.

My preference would be the hammock_hangout, if you were to use some variant
of leisure=hammock_hook, it maybe should be hammock_hooks (plural), because
just a single hook available entails a less than optimum hammock

Michael Patrick
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