[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Ephemeral a water property key.

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 23:14:04 UTC 2018


I have reworked the ephemeral proposal.

This now demonstrates;

the difference between intermittent and seasonal - some want to combine 
them into one and see the ephemeral key as just another 
intermittent/seasonal thing so they vote no.

that ephemeral applies to more that just streams - some want it as a sub 
key to streams .. that is not possible if it applies to other things, 
these people too vote no.

It now draws on the seasonal page to demonstrate the use of the seasonal 

I see this key being used by the experienced local who can draw on local 

The arm chair satellite mapper will have to stick with intermittent as 
they will not be able to determine if seasonal nor ephemeral apply, they 
may not even be able to determine intermittent.

I hope this proposal page is now somewhat clearer?



I may do a dairy entry on seasonal, intermittent and ephemeral. Looks to 
me like a lot of confusion probably promoted by the use of intermittent 

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