[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Ephemeral a water property key.

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 23:48:43 UTC 2018

On 13/12/18 12:48, Sergio Manzi wrote:
> On 2018-12-13 02:36, Warin wrote:
>> At the moment developing a system to render seasonal values on 
>> requires a  determination on spring/summer/autumn/winter etc .. this 
>> would add some new terms. Not too hard but does add to things. 
> Also developing a system to render the ephemeral key would add some 
> complexity, probably more...
>> Not certain about ephemeral being subservient to intermittent.
> If it is not there all of the time, than it is intermittent.
> If it doesn't last long, than it is ephemeral (/but then it is not 
> there all of the time and thus it is intermittent too/).

The primary motivation for me is that a water feature with intermittent 
is more likely to have water, even it I have to dig a meter or two for 
it, than a water feature with ephemeral.

I don't expect a 'normal' map will tell me this. But a desert map should.

I would map the ephemeral river banks/courses.
But then the places where water pools to form more permanent water 
sources I would as natural=water, intermittent=yes. In this way they can 
be distinguished as a more probable source of water.
Some satellite imagery shows these .. but then some shows the area just 
after rain! So it requires some judgements.

I'll add this as a rationale ...

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