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On Wed, 19 Dec 2018 at 21:31, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are a few walking routes that incorporatesections of beach walking.
> These sections have no 'infrastructure' - they are not formed or
> unformed paths, they are just walking along the beach.

I've mapped something like that.  A route along a beach from a service road
to a jetty.  A track
rather than a footpath because vehicular access is permitted (and necessary
for some usages).
But it's not formed or marked, it just is.

I've also mapped a couple of footpaths across grass.  They are official
rights of way.  The
start of one has a fingerpost with a walking man on it (official marker for
a public footpath here)
and a couple of waymarker.  But without reference to a map you'd spend a
lot of time hunting
around from the fingerpost to find the waymarker because there's no visible
track, and after the
waymarker you'd have no chance of figuring out where to go next.  The only
way I could get the
routes was to enlist the aid of a local walker who knew the paths from
memory, had walked them
many times and was adept at interpreting aerial imagery.  I later found an
old Ordnance Survey
map in the editor layer index which confirmed the paths.

My conclusion?  If people walk along it and it's a right of way, it's a
footpath even if it's not
visible on the ground.  Even more importantly, if it's a public right of
way it needs to be rendered
as such, not just made available to routeing algorithms.


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