[Tagging] Can OSM become a geospacial database?

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Am Fr., 28. Dez. 2018 um 12:26 Uhr schrieb Eugene Podshivalov <
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> Let me give you some more examples.
> 1. place=locality is defiend as "A named place that has no population".
> In Belarus/Russia there are three categories of objectes which match this
> definition:
> - an abandoned settlement
> - a named natural place
> - a named spot within a settlement

agreed, place=locality is about a named place, and is so generic, it can
mean a whole lot of different things. Sooner or later someone might come up
with a proposal to subtag these, or we might have invented in the meantime
more specific tags for natural objects and other things, so that people
don't tag them as locality any more.

> The common name of the first two cases is "урочище" and we usually add
> this common name to the place proper name when displaying it on a map.
> As mentioned mentioned in my previous posts, in Russian language we have
> clear distinction between common and proper names, e.g. "hotel" in "Hotel
> Maria" is a common name and depending on the context we can skip it and say
> just "Maria". The same thing applies to the localities. We put just the
> proper name into the "name" filed and need to put the common name "урочище"
> into some other field if it is applicable to that kind of locality.
> Currently we are putting that common name into "name:prefix" field.

just keep doing it ;-)

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