[Tagging] How to tag access restriction on interstate highway crossovers?

Xavier xavier at dp100.com
Sun Dec 30 23:06:26 UTC 2018

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 11:38:26PM +0100, Volker Schmidt wrote:
>On Sun, 30 Dec 2018, 22:31 Xavier <xavier at dp100.com wrote:
>> By "interstate highway crossovers" I mean small bits of road that
>> connect the two carriage ways of a US interstate highway and are signed
>> as "Authorized Vehicles Only" (at least in Virginia they are signed
>> this way).
>> An example is here:
>> http://openstreetcam.org/details/1253343/475/track-info
>> ...
>What about

That could work, except it is marked "Abandoned" in the wiki:


emergency vehicle access
Status: Abandoned (inactive)

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