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>>> I asked this question last week of the OSM Help community:
>>> I'm looking for tagging that will indicate that a particular river in
>>> the United States is a "Wild and Scenic River" as defined by the Wild &
>>> Scenic Rivers Act. I have searched with Overpass for waterway=* that also
>>> has a scenic=yes tag but it turned up no results. Can anyone provide some
>>> guidance and/or examples?
>>> Like you, I know of the Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers
>> designations.
>> Like you, I lack a good way to tag them.
>> If nobody else has come up with anything - and do let's also ask on
>> talk-us,
>> since this is a peculiarly American designation - then let's invent
>> something
>> and Wikify it.
>> Without knowing the details of just what a "Wild Scenic" river is, could
> you use the nature=conservation tag in conjunction with waterway=?

Wild and Scenic Rivers are linear protected areas designated by statute in
the US.  https://www.rivers.gov/

Designating the waterway itself is a good start, but Wild and Scenic Rivers
(also Recreational Rivers in New York State) generally also have associated
corridors that should have some sort of boundary=protected_area (and we can
debate what protect_class might be appropriate) associated with them.

I'm aware of several rivers that are so designated that I've visited, but
I've not done the necessary research to figure out how to represent them
and their corridors. The Federal program has downloadable Public Domain
data on its web site that I have not examined.

My home state of New York actually has very few of them that are Federally
designated - the Delaware, on the Pennsylvania line. This is because the
State anticipated the Federal government and came up with its own
designations http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/32739.html and came up with its
own program to administer them http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6033.html.

The Federal program is not universally loved:
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