[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Ski jumping

yvecai yvecai at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 12:57:15 UTC 2018


I just figured out somebody removed piste:type=ski_jump on the 
Pyeongchang facilities because the tag is 'still a proposed feature'. 
Strange thing, but then here I am again in the proposal process.


I reopen the RFC informally opened on a previous thread in 2014: 
with a goal to ask for a vote in the following weeks.

The proposal offer to map the ways or area dedicated to skiers along the 
piste:type scheme. Physical features of the facilities are also 
described, so that we can safely apply the widely used (586 ! keep in 
mind the number of this type of facilities over the world) 
sport=ski_jumping to an existing feature.

All specialized tags (piste:type=ski_jump, piste:type=ski_jump_landing, 
man_made=ski_jump and sport=ski_jumping) are already in use.

On a personal opinion, I have found this scheme easy to map, and easy to 
render at Opensnowmap.


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