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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Wed Feb 14 23:54:43 UTC 2018

I have come across an interesting mappable feature when out cycling last weekend. 

The ~60 km long cycling roads along the Rivers here in Japan occasionally have city operated facilities, and similar to the centuries old “road stations” and the more recent motorway “Service areas”, I found a “Cycle Center”, best described at a cycling service area. Someone has mapped it as a building. 

https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/184976184 <https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/184976184> 

the Japanese phrase サイクリングセンター “Cycle Center” is used for these buildings. this is a play off of the “road station” name, but tagging as highway=cycle_service_area seems proper. This is where an east-west and north-south cycling route cross, and the cycle center is a public facility. It has public toilets, cycle parking, outdoor sinks, air pumps, small information office, a room for getting out of the weather and sitting and eating lunch, showers, a few vending machines, a nurse’s first aid room,  and a (seasonal) cycle rental service. 

this sounds a lot like a motorway Service Area to me.

I know the features are mappable by themselves, and that this kind of purpose-built facility is rare, but they seem to exist. The feature is a named and singular mappable object with multiple amenities offered. 

someone else asked this question through OSM questions. 

https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/56838/bicycle-rest-area-how-do-i-map-it <https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/56838/bicycle-rest-area-how-do-i-map-it>

his “rest area” is a picnic shelter. There are no real amenities offered there beyond the shade and a bench. I am not talking about a bicycle parking spot with a drinking fountain. This is why I think “bicycle_rest_area” should be avoided - as service area implies there are actual “services" to the cyclist. 

This is a purpose-built facility along the route, catering to the travellers and their vehicles along this route, similar to a British/Japanese Parking Area/Service area.

Saitama Prefecture (near Tokyo) operates two of these “Cycle Centers”, with images viewable here. 
http://www.pref.saitama.lg.jp/a1105/910-20091204-109.html#kihon <http://www.pref.saitama.lg.jp/a1105/910-20091204-109.html#kihon>
Additional searches lead to other prefectures operating 1 or 2, so I assume there are about 20 in Japan, when you filter out all the cycle shops using “cycle center” in the name. 
I think we should have some way of tagging a cycle center that isn’t a bike shop or a Park, even though it is rare. 

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