[Tagging] railway=platform nodes at tram stops

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 11:20:28 UTC 2018

Le 20. 02. 18 à 22:28, Selfish Seahorse a écrit :
>> in osm, platform is where people wait to take the train.
>> people always are "somewhere" before taking the train.
>> osm platform <> irl plateform
> Do you mean `public_transport=platform` [^1], `railway=platform` [^2] or both?

I mean in all public transport mode, except the wiki page of 
It's why I think railway=platform need to be fixed to reduce this 
difference in description not really necessary.

> this would mean that there is no way to define that there is no platform.

it's the case for all other transport mode.
is that a problem ? Do you have a use case that would require you to 
know when there is a "spacious platform" and when there is no dedicated 
space because, for example, the bus stop uses the sidewalk as a waiting 
area for passengers ?

>> maybe a better value should be "embarkation point" but it's "too late"
>> to change a so common value.
> Why not just 'stop'?

it's even more ambiguous between the stop of the vehicle
and the passenger.

> It's never too late to correct a mistake ...

Make a "proposed feature" to rename this value.
Congratulations on your success in getting the job done.


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