[Tagging] [OKFILTER] Re: [OKFILTER] Re: "service" tags in general (for shops)

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 10:14:56 UTC 2018

2018-02-27 14:42 GMT+01:00 Johnparis <okosm at johnfreed.com>:

> Yes, it's certainly in general use. And its page marks "shop=printing" as
> a tagging error.

I'd remove this. Although not frequent, there are actually shops that do
traditional printing (with vintage look etc.)
e.g. http://www.letterjazz.com/print-studio

The shop=printing discussion page explains why that tag isn't a good idea
> either. Basically the distinction needs to be drawn between wholesale and
> retail (copyshop) printing.

shop is retail, it is defined like this. A copyshop is typically about
digital printing, should not be confused with traditional printing. Maybe
the latter is the exception and for clarity, it should be made a specific
tag like shop=traditional_printing or analogue_printing or relief_printing
(if they offer only this process).

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