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On 02/07/18 19:17, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2018-07-02 1:53 GMT+02:00 Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com 
> <mailto:61sundowner at gmail.com>>:
>     As for the function? No idea what the military are targeting
>     there, the forestry probably decontamination=pathogen.
> "pathogen" is too generic, it means anything that can make an organism 
> ill. I would expect any kind of decontamination to be against things 
> that make ill. Maybe distinguish between chemical and biological 
> decontamination (maybe even nuclear?), i.e. according to the kind of 
> contamination to remove?

Do you want the type of chemicals/germs/plants/fungi targeted? I think 
that is far too detailed for most mappers to care about.
Most mappers and renders would only be interested that there is a 
decontamination facility there.

So .. what should ... no .. what can be usefully tagged? What would a 
'normal' person recognise and be able to tag without too much thought?

Who are going to use it? That could be tagged with the access key - 
public (for the types of places I have in mind - parks) access=yes, 
private (for laboratories - work places) access=private

The decontamination method? 
decontamination:method=brush/brush_and_liquid/sticky_mat/* ???

I would think that leaving these fields expandable with * is a good 
thing.. I would not place limits on it.

Then .. if you want to get technical and probably never to be used 
information ... and totally useless for most.
decontamination:removal=chemical/biological/radiation/seeds/* ??? I'd 
see chemical as being very wide too .. it would include pathogens for 
How would you remove biological contamination if not by chemistry? .. By 
radiation? Biological would take too much time .. so I don't think that 
can be a usefull method.
Possibly you mean to state the contaminate? 
contaminate=chemical/biological/radiation/seeds/* Again very wide fields...

I don't think I'd proceed with these ideas. If someone is interested in 
that then let them go with it.

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