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In my opinion:


area:highway=* for the actual road surface (there are some rules how exactly these areas should be segmented at intersections, and how these areas should be connected with the actual highway ways)

surface=* on these to describe the material the road surface is made of

if barrier=kerb lines have been traced, they can be used as part of a area:highway=* multipolygon. (And if they haven’t already been traced, then ways in the right position will become necessary to form the area:highway, so might as well properly tag them with barrier=kerb at that time).


landuse=highway is for the whole public right of way, including the road surface, footpath, verge, … So the outer edge of the landuse=highway area are the lot boundaries of the properties surrounding the road.


landcover=grass can be used for the area between the kerb and the outer edge of the landuse=highway area. (assuming there is grass growing there, otherwise whatever the landcover is obviously).


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>From what I remember people are already using  `area:highway=*` for detailed street area mapping.

https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/area%3Ahighway <https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/area:highway> 



+1, for the surface of roads, the tag „surface“ is common (landcover is not used for road surfaces).

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