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Thu Jul 19 15:52:43 UTC 2018

On 19/07/2018 12:21, Peter Elderson wrote:
> All of those are survey goals.

A proposal like this comes along every few years & never really gets off 
the ground. "Long hiking & cycling routes" by their nature of being long 
are rarely traversed completely; people hop on-off of them in short 
sections. So a "systematic survey" is highly unlikely.

Most of what's been listed here I would describe as every day mapping. 
I'm unsure what benefit adding another tag, which will soon be 
inaccurate, will bring.

There are a few validation tools to keep an eye on the integrity of 

Can anyone recommend some others?

Historic GPX traces remain relevant. Individually they are not that 
accurate. Having a collection allows a mapper to iron out inaccuracies & 
estimate a mean average route.

If you want to register a path being physically non navigable, an email 
to the authority responsible produces better results than marking it in OSM.


> The result of the survey may be that the route relation in OSM needs 
> to be adapted to reflect the situation in the field. That's what I 
> meant by maintenance of the route relation in OSM.
> The goal of the idea is to tag the date of the last reality check. The 
> best thing I have now is the date of the last edit, which most of the 
> time results from e.g. a mapper's action (cut or remove) on a way 
> that's part of the route relation.
> I want to ensure that the route in the field and the route relation 
> stay in sync, and when they don't (which is a 100% certainty) that you 
> can tell at what point in time it did match.
> Information older than that date (e.g. gpx-tracks) can be discarded, 
> newer information can be entered, and edits after the survey date are 
> new info which should be kept.
> 2018-07-19 12:14 GMT+02:00 Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:ajt1047 at gmail.com>>:
>     On 19/07/2018 07:50, Peter Elderson wrote:
>         I would like some thoughts on the idea of tagging route
>         maintenance. Long hiking & cycling routes need regular
>         maintenance. On the road, of course, which is not our problem,
>         but as a consequence they need re-surveying and adapting the
>         route relations to reality.
>     What do you mean by "maintenance" here?  It could mean many things:
>     o Making sure that the route in OSM still matches the route on the
>     ground (diversions etc.).
>     o Making sure that the route on the ground is actually navigable
>     (e.g. a section of a walking route near me has suffered a landslip).
>     o Making sure that the route markers on the ground are mapped in
>     OSM (and updating OSM where they have disappeared)
>     o Making sure that the route is still contiguous in OSM (sometimes
>     if someone deletes and remaps an area they'll forget to readd a
>     way to the route)
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