[Tagging] Transport mode on platforms? (Was: Re: Documentation issues of PT tagging schemes)

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Wed Jul 25 20:55:42 UTC 2018


It seems that the only problem with PTv2 that remains is the rendering
of public_transport=platform, i.e. whether public_transport=platform
(and maybe public_transport=station too) should get the transport mode
tag(s) (bus=yes/tram=yes/...).

Note that the PTv2 proposal suggested to map the *stop position* 'as
an icon depending of the vehicle type that is stopping at the
position',[1] which may have led to some people mapping only
stop_position's, others mapping only platform's and still others
mapping stop_position's and platform's which in turn has led to
complication and confusion.

[1]: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Public_Transport_v3

As this question pops up every now and then, it might make sense to
finish discussing this.

I'm double posting this message on the transport mailing list, so that
the discussion can continue there.


On Wed, 25 Jul 2018 at 19:25, Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> > What I would like to see is how to map a Public Transport Route in
> > version 3 .. that has the bear minimum of things to have and the rules
> > that make the route valid.
> This is where the problem sits; the point of view of what a route is
> vary wildly. Few people are even willing to pinpoint and tell their
> personal definition.
> Things that exist under the notion of route:
> - Urban bus/tram/subway services (many stops, many departures, route
> taken always or almost always the same, route through the street grid
> practically fixed, often unchanged for years to decades)
> - Peak services, special routes to depot, school services (few
> departures, many stops, also many route variants, frequently changing,
> making it impractical to route them all)
> - Hail bus services: the bus is promised to serve a certain street and
> stops on hail (many departures, route taken always or almost always the
> same, route through the street grid practically fixed, often unchanged
> for years to decades)
> - Urban and regional train lines (many stops, many departures, route and
> platforms fixed). Those routes are often in parts or completely land marks.
> - Long distance train lines (many stops, many departures, route and
> platforms may or may not vary, can stop at a different platform of the
> same station for operational reasons)
> - Long distance bus services (few stops, few departures, route between
> stops often changing on the fly)
> - Ferry lines (often only two stops, completely different
> infrastructure)
> Further kinds of routes may exist. For example, some communties use
> virtual metro lines that connect station node to station node. This is
> most often because the communties lack the ressources to map the actual
> underground structures.
> I personally map only urban bus/tram/subway services and urban and
> regional train lines (and do not delete other routes). For these
> services it is sane to have marked the stops and the route on the grid.
> The route on the grid is straightforward: this is in any PT scheme a
> sequence of way members that together form a continuous trajectory. Hail
> sections get a special role for these members.
> The stop part is more tricky. I personally add one element for each stop
> where the bus/train is calling, using the role "platform". The member
> element should have the tag "name" set to ensure meaningful usage and
> pain-free editing of the route.
> The minimum required tags on the relation are "ref=<Line Number>",
> somtimes "name=<Name>", and "type=route" + "route=bus" for buses.
> Please do not forget that a more detailed explaination fits better on
> the transit list
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-transit
> I would suggest to continue the discussion there, but Ilya has for
> unknown reason fear of the talk-transit list. It makes sense to give him
> an easy opportunity to answer.
> I read Ilya's proposal such that he wants to feature the virtual metro
> lines, at the expense of mandating to map hail services as empty
> relations. But it would be better if he tells us himself.
> Best regards,
> Roland
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