[Tagging] Missing access value (access=license / authorization?)

Szem szembiketeam at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 17:39:48 UTC 2018


I'd like to draw your attention to a problem:
There are many special roads in Hungary only used for prior 
authorization / permission. The total length of these roads are hundreds 
of kilometers.
The type of permit applies to pedestrian / bike access or only motor 
vehicle depending on the roads. These roads are currently not properly 
There is a significant difference compared to existing values (private, 
permissive), because mostly anyone can ask permission for these roads 
(what you get), but without it, entry is forbidden. That's why I've 
thought needs a new tag.
These roads can be classified into three main categories:
- Roads found in Waterworks area (These roads go in untouched nature, 
perfect for biking, running. Entry without permission is strictly 
forbidden, a photo ID is required, but anyone can get it. It had to pay 
for it, but it's free now):
The access tags would be sg like this: access=no / private?, 
*foot=license*, horse=no, motor_vehicle / vehicle? =no, *bicycle= license*
- Roads on the embankments (The longest ones in category. Driving by car 
without permission is forbidden, other access is free. Some roads on the 
embankments are free access):
The access tags are: access= private, foot=yes, horse=yes, motor_vehicle 
/ vehicle? =private, bicycle=yes, *motorcar=license, motorcycle=license*
- Roads managed by Hunting Association (wildlife reserves) (These roads 
go in huge forests. Crossing by vehicle without permission is forbidden):
  The access tags are: access= private, foot=yes, *horse= license, 
motor_vehicle / vehicle? =license, bicycle= license*
(I know the "*license or authorization?*", maybe not the best choice, 
but these are different from permissive and private. I'm waiting for 
your proposal.)

Thanks for your reply,


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