[Tagging] default access tag for driveways

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The wiki does not explicitly state what the default assumed tagging is for
highway=service + service=driveway. I've seen it used mostly as the private
entrance to a house, i.e. the bit of road you use to connect the edge of
your property to wherever you leave your car. People usually would not put
up a sign "private" because it's just obvious to anyone.
In rare cases, the owner will explictly put a sign up. In other rare cases,
you are actually allowed to enter because there is some right of way.

In this context, it seems obvious that the implied tag should be
access=private (or destination at the most liberal). You would only add
"private" if there is signage, and only something else if there is a right
of way or something.

But maybe this is not obvious in other countries or for other uses of the
driveway tag? In any case, it seems some routers will allow cyclist to go
through driveways without an access tag, and that is (in how I've seen it
used a lot) problematic. Not setting the default to private or destination,
forces the mapper to explicitly add the tag, which might be considered
wrong if it is not signposted...

Either way, the wiki could use more guidance about the access tag for this
specific road type.

(this has probably been discussed before, but I couldn't find something

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